Sunday, December 26, 2010

NYE Music

As always I have been devoting much of my time to browsing music blogs and getting jams for my new years party this year. Here are a few tracks that you may have not heard yet this year that I feel are a must if you are looking to get the party started:

Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Club Mix)

Girl Talk - Oh No

Lil Wayne - Swag Surfin

Rihanna - Only Girl (Mr. Larsson Dubstep Remix)

Eminem feat Rihanna - Love the way you lie (Sick boy remix)

By the way I am only one vote out of first place in the high stakes omaha player of the year race. Feel free to vote if you want to see me win - could make for some awesome super fun game time prizes wink wink.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


davin77 posts the small blind of $25
citizenmax posts the big blind of $50
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to gamblegambel [Jh Ks Tc 9s]
bp513 folds
OnTheRize raises to $150
gamblegambel has 15 seconds left to act
gamblegambel raises to $525
TheMasterJ33 has 15 seconds left to act
TheMasterJ33 folds
davin77 folds
citizenmax folds
OnTheRize calls $375
*** FLOP *** [9h Qs 2h]
OnTheRize checks
gamblegambel has 15 seconds left to act
gamblegambel bets $1,125
OnTheRize has 15 seconds left to act
OnTheRize calls $1,125
*** TURN *** [9h Qs 2h] [7c]
OnTheRize checks
gamblegambel has 15 seconds left to act
gamblegambel bets $2,913
OnTheRize has 15 seconds left to act
OnTheRize calls $2,913
*** RIVER *** [9h Qs 2h 7c] [9d]
OnTheRize has 15 seconds left to act
OnTheRize bets $5,101, and is all in
gamblegambel has 15 seconds left to act
gamblegambel has requested TIME

Real tough river spot, still not sure what to do.

gamblegambel calls $5,101
*** SHOW DOWN ***
OnTheRize shows [6h Ah Ts 9c] three of a kind, Nines
gamblegambel mucks
OnTheRize wins the pot ($19,400) with three of a kind, Nines

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am not much of a panderer, but I may never have a year like this again for the rest of my poker career and it would mean a ton if I won high stakes omaha player of the year. If you have some spare time it would mean a ton if you could vote for me here:


Friday, December 10, 2010


I really liked this hand today. There is a lot going on for some simple action.

$5000.00 USD PL Omaha - Friday, December 10, 12:15:34 ET 2010
Table Savin (6 max shallow) (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 3: Far Away Boy ( $9456.00 USD )
Seat 4: gamblegambel ( $2000.00 USD )
Seat 5: c.heap cheap ( $1950.00 USD )
Seat 6: electra ( $2222.00 USD )
cheap che.ap posts small blind [$25.00 USD].
electra posts big blind [$50.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to gamblegambel [ 8h 9d 8d Qh ]
Far Away Boy raises [$112.50 USD]
gamblegambel calls [$112.50 USD] I am not the biggest fan of flatting these hands to half pot opens, but I think he is pretty weak, so I ain't folding here.
cheap c.heap folds
electra calls [$62.50 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 2s, Js, Ts ]
electra checks
Far Away Boy bets [$150.00 USD] I think in general people cbet these flops too much, plus I have decent equity against all none made flush hands. With the cards I have it is super unlikely he is drawing to straight too besides maybe an AKxx.
gamblegambel calls [$150.00 USD]
electra folds
** Dealing Turn ** [ As ]
Far Away Boy bets [$300.00 USD] Interesting turn here. It changes things a lot since he couldnt have flopped the nut flush and wasnt bluffing the magic card. It is pretty rare here to be betting a set for value since the big straight just got made and it just got tougher to have a flush with four spades out. Because these sort of hands slow down it makes much more sense for me to be flatting this bet than raising with flushies.
gamblegambel calls [$300.00 USD]
** Dealing River ** [ 3c ]
Far Away Boy checks
gamblegambel bets [$512.00 USD] Perfectly balanced and sized. The only way he could be expoiting this line is if he was on the 2618th level; like taking candy from a baby.
Far Away Boy folds
gamblegambel wins $1260.50 USD from main pot

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The EV of Running a Red Light

It kind of really pisses me off when I am driving home at 2am and I am sitting at a traffic light for 2 minutes when I can clearly see there isn't a car within three thousand feet. I usually end up just running the light, but I am kind of curious if it is a plus EV play. Besides a few minor intangibles, I believe the two factors to consider here is time lost/gained and money. For arguments sake I will not factor in the fun factor of running the light and the stress of talking to a police officer.

Option A - Obeying the law

I would guess the average time spent at an intersection at an uncensored traffic light at 2am on surface streets is around 40 seconds. I feel its safe to assume there is almost no opportunity cost of money you would be earning if you were home.

Option B - Running the light

Assuming you take a good 5 seconds to scan around and see no cars around, I'd say there is around a 1:300 chance of getting pulled over for running the light. Assumably one would be sober, not have any warrants, nothing illegal in the car etc... so the only money lost would be the ticket fine. My guess is 100 dollars. I would also guess it takes on average 12 minutes to get issued a ticket. Presumably there is also inflated insurance costs for getting lots of tickets. I'd set a value of around another 150 dollars in insurance premium hikes for getting caught once. So a little math:

12 minutes/300 + 5 second scan = 7.4 seconds lost
$(100+150)/300 = 71 cents in fines


So after some simple arithmetic it seems to come out that if you value 32.6 seconds of your late evening life more than 71 cents, you are a fish for waiting for the light to turn green.