Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Fun Game Time

Game: Guess how much I weighed when I was born.

Rules: One guess per lifetime to be left in the comments of this post. Deadline of 96 hours from the time stamp below. Closest to the correct answer wins (going over allowed and repeat guesses will be ignored).

Prize: The gift package from PCA. It includes a backpack, lunch bag, t-shirts, towel, beach ball, sticker, hat, cards, and dealer button.


If there is anything to be learned, it is that one's professional performance is optimized when one's personal life is in order.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Whenever I seem to brag on this blog things just fall apart. In the past week I have managed to go from a nice tournament score and a great month online to being stuck on the year. I feel like the biggest thing holding me back from being a great poker player is the fact that I am Italian. I get too emotional over the game and spazz out way too often. I have to take a step back because one more week like this and I would be busto after taxes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Year

Thanks for all the votes peep. All the efforts resulted in me winning first place in the player of the year for high stakes omaha poll. It's a great way to wrap up my best year on the books thus far. I'll be sure to post pics of the jacket and give you a heads up if I end up making videos for drag the bar.

I have been down at the PCA for the past 11 days. It is pretty much my favorite trip of the year, mostly because it is the best place to bust out of a poker tournament. Rum drinks, lazy river and good company make for a deadly combo. I also made a little run at the title down there and finished 22nd for 75k busting with AQo<44.

On day 1 I called a UTG raise with 56s in MP from a young guy. Flop came out J45 and I called his c bet. Q on turn and he fired again. River was a 2 and he jammed me all in for about 28k into a 35k pot. I got a bit of a physical read on him and called rather quickly and he showed A9. That got me going for a bit.

On day 2 I made a super delayed min raise river bluff against a guy in a great spot and got him to make a fold. He said he would have called if I raised more. It was a really key pot.

On day 3 I got lucky in two all in pots against Faraz. We got in TT v KK and I chopped and then at the feature TV table I beat his AA with AQo HJ v Btn for about 25 bbs. I think both spots were pretty standard high five the dealer situations that ran into walls and sucked out.

On day 4 I actually ended with less chips than I started. I made one questionable river call with TT on a 99JJ and he had quad nines. I also maybe should have geared up a tad and made one or two more check raises and jams. Overall I didn't have much to work with and was happy with my game.

Day 5 I was all in the first hand I got dealt with AQ and Sam Stein made what I would consider a fishy call with 44 to my jam. He was getting 1.7:1 and was 33% to my range. It ran out with a wild one outter on the river.

I am pretty confident with where things are

Sunday, January 2, 2011