Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Has it taken any other poker players 9 years to realize that the more you value bet the more you can bluff?  Also twitter is the nuts during WSOP, I miss it.

In household orders my venus flytrap finally caught its first prey:

Friday, May 18, 2012


I've been doing my research and the results are in:

Honeydew > Cantaloupe

Monday, May 14, 2012

   Is all the riffraff gone?  great...

My life is in an unexpected place at the moment. Income from poker is nearly non existent and I am currently in a happy and healthy relationship with an amazing lady. I have a bit hesitant to blog lately because although I have no qualms with unveiling my deepest thoughts and personal difficulties on the Internet, it becomes a whole different bag when someone else's life is closely knit to yours.  Also the bad moon's blog has been intimidatingly good lately.  

for those board game geeks out there like me I highly recommend checking this one out

It is deceivingly complicated to organize people into social outings. I know I am getting good at a game when I close my eyes at night before bed and all I can see is new strategies developing and I am countering possible outcomes in my subconscious. I woke up this morning calling the turn with bottom boat in PLO.  They say when high level competitors are completely in the zone the illusion of time will drift away and hours melt into seconds. It's not super common, but I have experienced such while playing online poker.

if you play scramble with friends you have to use freeze for both power-ups

I started keeping a journal, but only wrote in it two times this year. I am not sure if I am doing it right.

I think all standardized multiple choice tests should have the option to fill in multiple possible answers for partial credit. It doesn't really make any sense that if you narrow down a question to two possible answers but they are equally likely you are forced to take this coin flip for full or zero credit. All tests should give you the option to answer both and get half credit if such is the case. Let's get rid of unnecessary variance in life ///

I also had an idea to improve survivor. I believe all individual immunities should be allowed to be given to anyone you want after the vote. The ability to bluff people that you are going give it up can create leveling and wasted votes. You could convince everyone to vote for once person and then give them the immunity. You could also convince people you are giving it up and then keep it to create more wasted votes. This would just allow for better game dynamics.

It's a bit of a dream of mine to get on the show.

I was day dreaming in the shower the other day and my body wash was down to the last bits. I had a new one, but still decided to try and get one last wash from the old bottle before moving on to the one besides it. I ended up spending 20 seconds scrapping together one last serving. While lathering up I decided to do some quick math and realized that my 6 dollar body wash has about 200 servings. So I saved about 3 cents for 20 seconds of my time. I quickly regretted scrapping soap out of a bottle for $5.40/hr.