Friday, December 7, 2012

My Attempt to Buy a Fog Machine off Craigslist

Is it NIB?  Still available?  Do you have any juice for it?


It is still available. But no juice because it's brand new and didn't come with any. The juice can be bought at party city though.

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may I ask why you are selling it?

Bought it from the guitar center brand new for 300. I didn't need it, but by the time I realized it 3 weeks later, they didn't except returns after 14 days.

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Gotcha, well I'm a buyer at 180 cash.  

Ill accept that. When are you looking to buy?

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anytime before new years is good with me

I live in Decatur, ga.

I suggest the sooner the better. I don't hold the items. It's first come, first serve. So if you want it let me know how soon. I reside in ellenwood, so maybe 10min from Decatur.

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hah, I presume that means you wont be meeting in decatur to sell it?

I will meet you off of bouldercrest. Anywhere else will be an up charge for delivery and gas.

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10 miles at 20mpg is .5 gallons.  so 2 dollars?

Bouldercrest is about 10 miles for me... And I'm doing it free of charge. Perhaps you misread?

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Huh?  Thought you said Ellenwood was 10 miles from Decatur.  Where is bouldercrest? 

No, actually I said it was approx 10 "MINUTES" from Decatur. But honestly, if you want it, we can meet tomorrow. I'll give you an open location, put it in your navi, and we'll meet. All this back and forth is unnecessary.

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Ok ok, no need for caps.  I was just approximating a traveling speed of 60mph and converted your guess of minutes into miles.  I'll avoid those assumptions in the future.  

P.S.  I know you already stated you find this back and forth unnecessary, but out of curiosity what would your up charge price be for a downtown Deactur rendezvous?  I really do abhor driving.  

I do not deliver to homes.

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It was implicit we would meet at a neutral public location to make the sale.

Tomorrow? Yes or no?

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What time is good for u?

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I'm free all day. 

Contact me at 4046*^(#44

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The Following Was by Text:

Hey, it's the fog machine guy.

Hey, where do you wanna meet up?

Anywhere around downtown Decatur is good by me.

The furthest I will come unpaid for gas is candler rd.
I already lowered the price.

I'll pay for your gas money.
185 anywhere around downtown Decatur?

that's not convenient& you attempting to bullshit me.Now, the only place I will meet is south dekalb mall on candler rd. Decatur ga. Take it or leave it. Sorry.

I'm gonna pass.

Say no more. Thx


Anonymous said...

Lol, it was so good that I read it 3 times -J

Anonymous said...

lmao. outsmarted yourself out of a good deal on a brand new fogger. well played!

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